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Property Release

Property Release to Third Party : Inmate property will only be released to a third party on Thursday from 8 am to 10 am.( Excluding national holidays) A Notarized Evidence and Property Release Form must be completed by both the owner and recipientprior to property release. These forms are provided by the Detention Center. There is a $10 fee for notary service.  A valid government issued ID is required.

Due to restrictions put in place by Covid-19 the following is the procedure to receive inmate Property Release from the Boyd County Detention Center.

All persons must wear a facial mask.  You may not enter the Detention Center.  All forms will be placed outside the facility for completion.  Once completed you will need to step back 6 feet and staff will retrieve the documentation along with your ID.  Once proper paperwork is received, property will be placed inside the container.  Once property is recovered, Detention Center personnel will decontaminate the container and adjacent area.